5 fun things to do in San Jose

San Jose, photo by Arturo Sotillo

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is one of the most vibrant tourist centers in the country, as far as cities go. In a lush country like Costa Rica, where the national parks, beaches and volcanoes do their best to charm you out of your room and give you a taste for exploring the wild, a city has to be really great in order to get some attention, and yet San Jose manages to do that flawlessly. The exciting nightlife, many gourmet restaurants and all the entertainment venues around the capital, there’s always something to do in San Jose, while the lovely scenery just outside the city offers another extra few ways to pass the time. If you are planning on visiting Costa Rica, don’t leave the capital off the itinerary. Here are 5 fun things to do in San Jose.

Do Yoga

As strange as it might sound to someone who is not interested in yoga, Costa Rica is a world famous destination for those who want to get in harmony with their bodies and their spirits. There are quite a few yoga studios that are worth checking out if you don’t want to miss out on your daily dose of relaxation while you are in Costa Rica.

Rainforest walks

photo by benet2006 on Flickr

Only an hour from San Jose you can immerse yourself in a sanctum of peace and natural beauty. La Paz Waterfall Garden has several easy and scenic trails through the rainforest, taking you past five beautiful waterfalls. The gardens offer a little something to wildlife lovers too: there is a hummingbird gallery, a serpentarium, a huge butterfly observatory and a frog display.


If you are in the mood to tempt Lady Luck, or you just feel like taking a tour in a fancy casino to show off your Sunday best, you can check out one of the many casinos in San Jose. The largest and most glamorous casino in the capital is Casino del Rey, which is often the site of various gambling tournaments. As far as nightlife venues go, glitzy casinos are not a bad choice for a stylish outing.

Street performances at Parque Morazan

photo by reservasdecoche.com on Flickr

If on a Thursday afternoon you are looking for some free activity to occupy your time, you can head to Parque Morazan, where dozens of jugglers gather and put on a rather spectacular show. In addition to the jugglers, there is usually live music too. The show is very interactive, and onlookers are often invited to participate as well – it’s no surprise that this is one of the 5 fun things to do in San Jose.

Take a tour

There is a wide selection of tours of San Jose or of attractions just outside San Jose for those who want a general look at the city complete with explanations and information from experts. You can take a city tour as an introduction into the city’s history or art scene, a tour of the nearby coffee farms, the butterfly farm or a golf tour.

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