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We, the Costa Rica Wanderer team, are just a few guys who really love to travel and really love to travel to Costa Rica, the most beautiful country in Central America – in our opinion. This blog is a member of Wanderer Guides Network that has online travel industry experiences of almost a decade, so you can trust us with any of your travel inquiries!

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What can you do here?

First of all, you can find Costa Rica travel guides on different topics, like adventure travel, national parks, budget accommodation and so on. Then we have tips for travelers looking for more specific recreation, like scuba diving, bird watching or surfing spots. Browse our blog if you want to know what are the essential travel experiences in Costa Rica,  where to go hiking in the country and what are the best eco-lodges.

Read our list of the best restaurants in San Jose, about the cheapest Tamarindo hostels, our tips for the Manuel Antonio National Park or the top attractions of La Fortuna. Whether you want to see the cloud forests of Monteverde or surf the seas of Nicoya Peninsula, you should do some pre-travel reading about the place!

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We really hope you will like Costa Rica Wanderer and will reach us if you have questions about the country or the site. You are also welcome to write us if you have would like to advertise with us, write a guest post, do a link exchange or have other partnership offer. You can always reach us at



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