Best Festivals in Costa Rica

Fiesta Del Maiz


Are you thinking about visiting Costa Rica? If so, why do not plan your visit around the festival time? Costa Rica has plenty of festivals during the year so it’s almost impossible to visit the country and do not find a festival at that time. In the following, we compiled a list with the best festivals in the country. One thing is sure, visiting the country in festival time it means, knowing the culture and the real Costa Rica as these fiestas generally features the countries’ cuisine, music, horse parades and Tico-style bullfights. So here they are:

Fiesta de Palmares

Held in the first two weeks of January in the city of Palmares,  it is a huge festival celebrated with horse parades, concerts, displays and fascinating rodeos in Tico-style bullfighting.

Carnaval de Puntarenas in February

Celebrated in the last week of February in the coast of , it is a great festival that gather locals and tourist to the coast to party together.

International Festival of the Art -March

The Festival of Art takes place in the capital city of San Jose on the second Sunday of March. The theaters are full with people who came to watch live theater, dance and music performances.

Southern Caribbean Music festival March

Calypso and reggae performances are the most representative features of the Music Festival that takes place in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Cahuita. The festival is celebrated among the Afro Caribbean communities in the Limón province.

Semana Santa

Holy Week (Easter Week)is considered as the most important holiday of the year.

Fiesta Cívica de Cañas- May

It became an early May festivity in Cañas, celebrated in cowboy traditions with bullfighting, horse parades and the street fairs which are the highlights of the fiesta.

Compañía de Lírica Nacional- June

The National Lyric Opera Company holds special performances from June to the middle of August in the most prominent theater named Salazer in the capital city, San José.

Festival de la Virgen del Mar- July

Also known as the Sea Festival it is held in mid July, the festival honors Carmen, Virgin of the Sea with fireworks and boating regatta along the Golf of Nicoya, and most importantly it is honored with religious processions.

International Festival of Music

It takes place from July to August when a group of international musicians perform classic music in various sites of Costa Rica.

Día de Nuestra Señora de la Virgen de los Ãngeles- August

August 2nd is the day of the patron saint of Costa Rica: Virgin de los Ãngeles. There is a religious pilgrimage to Cartago Basilica on this day.

Carnaval- October

On October 12th Puerto Limón celebrated the Columbus Day with street parades.

Fiesta del Maíz

October 12 is also the day of the Corn Festival in Upala and Tres Rios de la Union when locals celebrate the corn production. This day is all about the corn, clothes are made from corn husks and there are special corn-based food served during the fiesta.

Costa Rica International Film Festival- November

It is held annually to showcase the best independent films in the world. It is held in Montezuma and in Manuel Antonio with film screenings, art, live music and great parties.

Carnaval Nacional -December

Carnaval Nacional is a national festival of Costa Rica held in San Jose on December of 27. People dress up in fancy dresses and dance in the streets among the decorative float parades.




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