Best tips for having a safe vacation in Costa Rica

Buses and bus stops at Costa Rica, ©Dan Lundberg/Flickr

Costa Rica is a very safe country: the people are nice, friendly and so honest. Any offense that happens is opportunistic, rather than connecting out-and-out attack. Two things the travelers have to be concerned about are mugging and pocket thieving. Maybe the most risky part of the country is the beach because of the tourist. Let me serve with a few advices for your safe trip: be very careful of waves and generally with ocean. Remain always around other bathers; even if you can swim, don’t swim into the ocean. Especially be aware of open beaches, which drift to extend in a line. Be precautious while bathing in any shore with a river mouth. Please don’t panic! Be calm and use common sense and you will see Costa Rica offers you an unforgettable, wonderful holiday!

Traveling alone

Traveling in group at Costa Rica, ©David Berkowitz/ Flickr

You can travel alone; it’s fine but carefully think about what kind of risks you want to take. You better walk with others and try to develop a new city with company. Is always better if you are together with others you can trust and walk on a good-lighted place. A beehive restaurant or hotel is a good source of local information also a good place to recharge and relax.


Smash and grab of car windows, ©topgold/Flickr

If you park your car, better not leave valuables in view. Do not leave your wallet on the beach either without watch while you are in the water. If you would have been at home for sure you would close the car windows and lock the car, just do the same here too. Be attentive and take care of your value, more than ever in the area of San Jose.


Honestly, the traffic is dangerous in Costa Rica, so you have to be careful. Foot-passenger in general don’t have the right of way. Many potholes are on the roads. Driving at the night time is not advised.

Buses and bus stops

Buses and bus stops at Costa Rica, ©Dan Lundberg/Flickr

Especially in San Jose the robbery is frequent. Don’t fall asleep on the bus, maybe you will not find you baggage when you woke up. If you don’t know somebody don’t trust him to watch your staff.

“Friendly” People

It happens that your car breaks down and ”friendly” people appears. Take care they better grab whatever they can, than help.

Changing Money

If you need to change your money go to the bank when is possible. If you are in a big need and you have to use a money changer person, just check the sum on your own calculator too.


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