Most fabulous volcanoes of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica


Costa Rica is among the most prolific countries regarding to its volcanic formations. Along to the beaches, the active volcanoes are the main tourist’s attractions of the country. Although there are around 200 volcanoes just six of them are classified as active ones. Most of them can be found on the Northern part of the country and in the Central Highlands. In the following we are going to enumerate some of the most fabulous volcanoes of Costa Rica, where visitors would be involved to the natural beauty surrounded by the craters.

Poás Volcano

Poas Volcano

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Poás Volcano is Costa Rica’s largest and most active volcano with amazing scenery. Although the last major eruption was in 1910, it remains active to this day. The visitors would be amazed by the exploding geysers, which are about 250 m high. Visitors can get there very easily from the capital city. Also there are day trips from San Jose, it is the best travel destination where tourists will be enchanted not just the steaming crater but with the view provided by the Pacific and Atlantic coasts as well.

Arenal Volcano

 Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica


Even though Arenal Volcano is not an active volcano any more, it is still the best travel destination for visitors in Costa Rica. It spewed amounts of lava, gas and ash during the years. Its eruption ended recently in 2010. From that time visitors will be unable to see the amazing explosions however they can enjoy the activities offered by the area, hiking, fishing, and floating are just the most representatives from them. The area is wealth in natural hot springs thanks to the volcano geothermal activity. The springs offer ideal relaxation for every budget.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

There is a legend involved into the name of the volcano which means “The Old Woman’s Corner”, the legend says there was a girl whose lover was thrown to the crater by her father, and by the time she was a reclusive living on the mountain, crediting with powers of healing. It is an active volcano even today. There are opportunities for guide tours, experienced hikers are even attracted to climb to the crates. The area is protected with a national park, which offers lodges and resorts for any kind of interests. There are plenty of things to do, such as canopy tours, rafting, hiking etc.

Irazú Volcano

Irazú Volcano


It is the tallest active volcano in the country, with above 3 400 m. The closest tourist destination is Cartago less than 40 km; however it is easily reachable from San Jose as well. If you are lucky and visit the volcano on a clear day you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from the top of it. The Irazu National Park is also a popular tourist resort with a number of facilities. The best time to get a view of the crater is from December to April in the mornings.

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