Most popular beach resorts on the Northern and Central Pacific regions of Costa Rica

Golden sunrise in Cahuita, Costa Rica

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Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica’s beaches are among the most popular beaches in the world. They have become very attractive because of their outstanding landscapes and highly developed tourism facilities. Most of the beach towns have a friendly atmosphere with exciting beach life. The beach resorts, among the water sport activities, offers much more to do, plenty of varied tours into the rain forests, trek into the jungles and visiting national parks are some of the extra activities. So there is no way of getting bored on the beaches. We compiled a list about the most popular beach resorts on the North Pacific and Central Pacific regions of Costa Rica, to let you know a little bit more  and help you choose the best one for your holiday. 

North Pacific Regions

Montezuma coastline


Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica’s largest peninsula hosts the most visited beach resorts. Some of them are: Montezuma: It is a tiny beach resort, famous for its scenery landscape, perfect for backpackers due to the campgrounds around the beach. The waterfalls and Cabo Blanco and Curú wildlife preserves make it charming for visitors. Mal Pais– It is the best choice for sport lovers; it has an amazing atmosphere with unspoiled dazzling coastlines. The beach is not over-crowded with bars and restaurants; it is quite relaxed with a friendly atmosphere, ideal for surf lovers. Tambor: Tambor’s bay contributed to the appearance of Costa Rica’s best beaches for snorkeling and swimming. Here you can take a boat and visit the Tortuga Island which is a perfect place for scuba diving.  Playa Tamarindo– If you do not mind spending a little bit more on your holiday Playa Tamarindo is a worth to visit beach resort. The beach offers everything that tourists would wish for: world class shopping, restaurants and other great coastal amusements and the existence of leather back turtles created the popularity of the beaches. Playa Grande– it is ranked as one of the greatest beach for nature lovers because it belongs to the Marine National Park, where you can join to the tours and watch turtle nests and turtles while they lay on their eggs.

Central Pacific Regions

 Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Central Pacific Beaches: these are best known for couples who would like to spend their holidays in enchanting coastlines. It is best spot for families as well, due to the playground created specially for kids. It is the most attractive destination spot because it is close to San Jose and almost everything that a tourist might wish for is of its proximity. Jaco Beach– if you are a person who is up for all night partying this is the right place for you. Being the most attractive nightlife spots, clubs and casinos provides a party atmosphere for those who spend their holidays at the beaches.
Manuel Antonio: One of the most stunning beaches in Costa Rica with crystal clear water and white sands. The surrounding jungles and waterfalls draw traveler’s attention for spending their desired holiday in such a beach paradise. Surfing, kayaking, diving are some of the activities offered by the resorts.

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