Nicoya Peninsula, a surfer’s paradise

Santa Teresa, photo by Laura Desobry on Flickr

Costa Rica is not only a tropical paradise for those who want to trek through jungles and see nightlife, but also for those who like to have their fun on the beach. The beaches of Costa Rica are famous all over the world, and many people come simply to take in the scenery, laze on the beach and swim, but more active travelers might have other things in their mind as well. Surfing is a very popular pastime in Costa Rica, among the locals and travelers alike, and there are more reputed surfing spots in the country than one could count. But if you want the most isolates and pristine beaches as well as the beast breaks, then you must head to Nicoya Peninsula, a surfer’s paradise on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Here are some of the highlights of Nicoya Peninsula.


Montezuma is a very small town, and it’s city center consists only of a few shops, hotels and restaurants catering to visitors, but on the average it is a very pleasant place with much to offer to visitors when it comes to beaches and surfing opportunities. The beach near town is sandy with some rocky outcroppings here are there, and it is a great place for diving and swimming. Even if there are no extraordinary surfing spots right near Montezuma, the town is a great base for surfing expeditions.


photo by Kyle Pierce

Nicoya is the main town on Nicoya Peninsula, and the tourist hub of the area. Whether you are there for the national parks or the beaches, you will most likely pass through Nicoya at some point.

Mal Pais

If you’ve made it as far as Mal Pais, you’ve reached the mecca of every surfer visiting Costa Rica. Mal Pais is a small town that is in the vicinity of some of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica. The beaches of Mal Pais have several world-class breaks, and amazing surfing conditions all year round. Punto Barringona and Sunset Reef are two of the most popular surfing destinations near Mal Pais.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais could be twins, with the difference that Santa Teresa is the place where you can see the most beautiful sunsets in Costa Rica. Playa Santa Teresa is large and has great beach breaks and point breaks, but it is recommended to experienced surfers mostly. El Carmen, on the other hand, is one of the best places where a beginner can work on his or her surfing skills. Playa Hermosa is another good place for surfers, seeing as it is much less crowded than the other beaches.


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