Short Guide for Budget Travelers in Costa Rica

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 As we know Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination in Central America and of course the prices of services rise with demand, so that is why we have to admit that is not a budget traveler’s paradise. However if visiting overcrowded tourist spots is not a necessary for your desired holiday, there are plenty of alternative excursions by which you can find the ways how to cut costs in accommodation, food and transportation. Hope this short guide for budget travelers in Costa Rica will give you some useful ideas for your lower cost trip in the country.


The best way of saving money in your holiday, if you choose hostels instead of hotels. Because the tourism is growing enormously in the country, the hotel industry is growing as well. There are plenty of clean and cheap accommodations all over the country, even in the most popular places among the luxurious accomodations, there are the lodging for budget travelers as well. Such a popular destination is Manuel Antonio, where travelers can find cheap accommodations in Backpackers Manuel Antonio. Even in the capital city, San Jose budget travelers can find cheap lodging, for instance there are hostels, with shared rooms starting from 11 $ per night. There are plenty of cabins usually preserved for families or groups. They can be found on beaches or other frequent tourist spots. Do a search on the internet and you will find plenty of budget accommodation in the country.


some typical food in costa rica


So,you already find the place where you will stay on your holiday, but what about the food? There are some practical ideas by which you can save many while you wander around the country. Here are some tips that might be useful: manyo f the restaurants are quite expensive, so dining or having lunch in a restaurant is not be the best way of saving money. There are some family-run sodas where home made dishes are very popular. Other less healthy option could be if you buy food in fast food restaurants, they are relatively cheap. Another tip is to look where you walk as there are many restaurants having daily special meals in a relatively good prices. Other alternative can be if you go out to the market and purchase fresh local delicacies in good prizes. Buying in supermarkets are also popular among backpackers because they can stock up with different types of food.


Visitors on a budget will find plenty of activities and beautiful sites in the country. There are cheap museums all around the country. Plenty of shops, colorful local markets and sidewalk cafes are all present and even though you are on a budget, just walking around is a must! Of course there are somewhat more expensive activities as well such as visiting national parks or volcanoes but all in reasonable prices. And once you pay for the entrance fee in a national park, you can take part in free outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, bird watching and many others.


Taking a bus is one of the most inexpensive ways to get around in the country. The extensive public transportation system covers every corner of the country. For very comfortable buses which runs among the popular tourist destinations you are expect to pay around $ 20. Taxis are also relatively cheap for getting around so I can also recommend them  for travelers on a limited budget.


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