Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s tropical paradise

photo by Christian Haugen

It’s a well known fact that Costa Rica is a trop[ical dream, but even such places have a beating heart where you can enjoy all that Costa Rica is famous for, all in one place. Tamarindo is the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, and probably the best introduction to the country that one could wish for. This small town of about 500 inhabitants grows ten times more populous in peak holiday season, thanks to the hordes of tourists who come to enjoy the town’s spectacular rainforests, surfing spots and eco-travel opportunities. If you are planning on traveling to Costa Rica but you are not quite sure where to being discovering this amazing country, then the best place to start is Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s tropical paradise.

Sleeping, eating, drinking

photo by ReservadasDeCoche.com on Flickr

If you’re curious what Tamarindo has to offer when it comes to basic needs like sleeping, eating and drinking, then you won’t be disappointed, especially since the small town has a selection that is far from basic. There is a plethora of available accommodation options for every budget in Tamarindo, starting with modest hostels to cozy bed and breakfasts and lush hotels with amazing amenities. Both backpackers and luxury travelers will feel in their element in Tamarindo! The famous Costa Rican cuisine can be tasted in one of the many restaurants in Tamarindo, and thanks to the fresh seafood caught in the area the seafood dishes are especially appetizing. French and German bakeries will cater to those who want a delicious snack, but if you want something truly authentic, then you can buy food from the locals who come with trucks to the beaches at lunchtime. You won’t have to go thirsty in Tamarindo either, especially if you are a night owl. There are more than enough night clubs in town, but since you’re in Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s tropical paradise, don’t miss the countless fresh tropical fruit cocktails you can buy here.

Tropical sights

photo by Richard Kelland

The natural beauty of Tamarindo is legendary, and the many little lagoons in the neighborhood are home to a stunning variety of wildlife, so those who like observing animals will not be bored for a second. The magnificent rainforests and volcanoes of Costa Rica have some very fine examples in the vicinity of Tamarindo, and it takes only a short ride to reach these natural wonders. If you want a less active tropical experience, all you have to do is choose a beach and head down to watch the sunset or sunrise under a palm tree, with a tropical juice in your hand. If you like surfing or if you’re interested in learning how to ride the waves, Tamarindo has quite a few great surf shops and surfing schools for you.

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