The Best Diving Spots in Costa Rica

Catalina Island


Weather you are an expert in diving, or just someone who would like to try and swim along side some of the most abundant marine life discovered in the Pacific Ocean, you should definitely come to see Costa Rica. Its Pacific Coast satisfies all of the divers’ interest having spectacular experiences.  Amazing array of marine life and perfect water temperature all contributes for getting a first hand in the glimpse of Costa Rica ideal diving spots. The best time to go is from May to November; however note that it could be a bit windy and rainy at that time. Here you will find the best diving spots in Costa Rica, providing an exquisite diving experience.

Catalina Island

Situated just 25 miles away from Tamarindo, it is a popular diving spot in Costa Rica. A wide variety of marine life can be discovered in the area, so if you are interested about the inhabitants of this part of the Ocean, you will see shark and fish species such as giant mantas, manta rays, tip sharks, morays, buffoon fish and many others.

Caño Island

Caño Island, Osa, Costa Rica

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No doubt the best diving spot in Costa Rica can be found in the Cano Island, which is protected by the Government as a biological reserve. Its water is teeming with life. Very close to the Drake Bay, less then 13 miles, it offers most exciting diving in all Costa Rica. There is an abundant marine life, devil rays, white tip reef sharks and turtles can be discovered on many dives. Many travel agencies offer trips to the island mainly because its scuba diving facilities are world class. Do not hesitate to discover the island and try diving and you definitely be involved into amazing underwater sights.

Coco Island

Frogg Fish-Cocos Island


The island was formed due to a volcanic upheaval about 2, 5 million years ago. It turned to be the only island with a tropical rainforest  on the Pacific Coast. The island is also ranked among the best diving spots in the world; its marine life is famous for hosting pelagic species such as sharks, tuna, rays and dolphins. Coco Island National Park involves the entire Coco Island with two bays, rivers and streams with amazing waterfalls and of course stunning beaches. As any other island its flora and fauna are varied, with lots of endemic species.

Hope we managed to arose your interest about best diving spots in Costa Rica.

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