The best hot springs in Costa Rica

Baldi Hot Springs, photo by manalahmadkhan on Flickr

Costa Rica has tourist magnets galore: the beautiful coud forests that draw curious explorers, natural wonders, national parks filled with a istunningly rich wildlife, beautiful beaches and several fascinating historical attractions. But despite being a paradise for rough and rugged Indiana Jones-type travelers on the lookout for adventure, Costa Rica also knows how to pamper people. Spa resorts and luxury hotels abound in Costa Rica, and many of these as centered around one of the most precious natural resources of the country: hot springs. Thanks to the volcanic activity in the country, there are many hot springs and hot spring resorts where you can sink into the healing mineral waters and relax your tired muscles. Here are some of the best hot springs in Costa Rica, where you can kick back after all the adventuring.

Tabacon Hot Springs and Spa

Tabacon in the northern parts of Costa Rica is located at the base of Arenal Volcano, and blessed with some of the best hot springs in the country. The area is a well developed hot springs resort, with many accommodation and package options. Thanks to the proximity of the volcano, the water is not only scalding hot, but also filled with all sorts of minerals that will make your body feel like new. You can opt for simple hot springs soaks, or maybe book an extended stay at the spa and pamper yourself with all sorts of treatments.

Chucaras Hotsprings Estate

Tabacon, photo by TheLawleys on Flickr

The verdant Orosi Valley and the scenic small town of Orosi have long been famous for their hot springs, as well as coffee plantations. Coffee lovers will get a double treat if they decide to visit the Chucaras Hotsprings Estate: a tour of the coffee estate with loads of information about coffee production, as well as some well deserved soaks in the hot springs pools. There is a lot of sightseeing to be done in Orosi, and accommodation is available for every budget.

Blue River Resort & Hot Spring

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and the national park surrounding it is one of the most scenic areas in Costa Rica, where you can explore, watch the wildlife and do all sorts of interesting activities in the forest. If you want to kick back after a day of trekking through the forest, stay at the Blue River Resort & Hot Spring, and enjoy the four natural mineral hot springs pools.

Ecothermales Hot Springs

Baldi, photo by colros on Flickr

The surroundings of Arenal Volcano are riddles with hot springs, but the Ecothermales Hot Springs resort is one of the best. More exclusive and more quiet than the Tabacon spa, the Ecoythermales hot springs can boast of top quality friendly service and some excellent dining options. The hot springs pools will please even the mot picky guest.

Baldi Hot Springs

If you want something more casual and budget friendly in the Arenal area, you will not be disappointed with Baldi Hot Springs, a lively and scenic hot springs resort, and one of the largest and best hot springs in Costa Rica. The pools are surrounded by lush vegetation and they are linked with walking paths that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a beautiful forest.


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