The best restaurants in Tamarindo

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If you want to see all the best things about Costa Rica in one place, head to Tamarindo, the pride and joy of Costa Rican tourism. This small beach town is the kind of destination that lends itself to all sorts of travel, from luxury to shoestring budgets. Budget travelers who visited Tamarindo back in the days when it was still a quiet hippie paradise might complain of the touristy turn the town has taken, but even with the new shopping malls, luxury hotels, souvenir shops and massive development, Tamarindo is still authentic Costa Rican fare if you know how to look. And since all and sundry need to fill their stomach at some point, here are some of the rest restaurants in Tamarindo.

Zully Mar

This restaurant on the beach is not the kind that will require you to wear a tie. Located on the beach, with a great view of the ocean, you can wander into the restaurant in your flip-flops and sit at one of the open air tables. The menu is not the longest in Tamarindo, but whatever you order will be fresh and delicious. The seafood dishes are especially good at Zully Mar, and the prices are very reasonable.

Lola’s, Playa Avellanas

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Lola’s has been one of the favorite eateries of the locals for a long time, and now that it has been discovered by tourists, it is one of the most popular places in Tamarindo. The decor is simple and fetching, with massive wooden tables set right on the sandy beach, under the shade of palm trees. The cuisine is international, and the pizzas are especially delicious, but the star of the restaurant is Lolita, the owner’s cute pet pig.


For a fancier dining experience that actually allows you to dress up for the evening, head to Carolina’s one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo by far. The service is very helpful and friendly, and the food is exceptional to say the least. You can choose from a huge menu laden with delicious international fare, life beef tenderloin in jalapeno sauce or a mouth-watering seafood platter.

Nibbana Tamarindo Restaurant

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Nibbana is another amazing restaurant in Tamarindo, whose atmosphere can best be described with the place’s name itself: nibbana, or nirvana. The mood is relaxed and peaceful, and the location is absolutely stunning. Pamper your taste buds with escargot appetizers, lobster dishes, or delicious lamb chops while listening to live mariachi music.

Seasons by Shlomy, Hotel Arco Iris

Shlomy’s is intimate and elegant, and features some of the most creative and flavorful dishes you will eat in Costa Rica. The menu is composed of delicacies like seafood linguini, tuna appetizers with lemon fettuccine, lamb skewers, chicken pate and grilled sea bass.

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