The best surf schools in Costa Rica

photo by Timo Balk

The beaches of Costa Rica are a dream, with blindingly white sand, colorful underwater life, pal trees offering a bit of shade. Those who like nothing more than lounging on the beach and dipping into the water every now and then can’t find a better place to laze around than on the beaches of Costa Rica. But these beaches are not only good for doing nothing, but for water sports as well. Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in Costa Rica, with fans among the locals and tourists alike. If you are an experienced surfer, you’ll have countless chances to put your skills to the test in Costa Rica, but if you have never planted your feet on a board yet, never fear – the best surf schools in Costa Rica are there to teach you the basics.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a mecca for hippies, surfers and bohemian travelers who want a taste of authentic Costa Rica while still staying on the coast. Tamarindo is laid back and lively, and there are lots of great breaks in the area for beginners and experienced surfers alike. One of the best surf schools in Tamarindo is Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, for all ages and skill levels, which offers various packages. Like in an all-inclusive resort, you can have the transport and accommodation taken care of, while you can focus on learning to ride the waves.

Costa Rica Surf Camp, Dominical

Tamarindo, photo by Jarle Naustvik

Costa Rica Surf Camp brands itself as the original Costa Rican surf camp, and even if this is a slight exaggeration, this is one of the earliest surf camps in the countries. This is one of the best options for the ‘lazy’ or busy traveler who doesn’t have much time to plan their trip. The camp has exclusively packages that include transport from the airport and accommodation, meals in some cases, and several surfing lessons.

Bodshi Surf School, Isla Uvita

Uvita is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica for package tours and independent travelers too, thanks to the amazing beaches and the many hotels in the area. Should you spend your holiday on Uvita Island, you can take some surfing lessons at the Bodhi Surf School, which promises to awaken your inner surfer. This school sees yoga and surfing as complementary activities, you can get a mind/body workout by participating in the lessons.

Costa Rica Surf Institute, Tamarindo


Christian Haugen/flickr

If you want to learn more than surfing and you also want to brush up on your Spanish skills, the Costa Rica Surf Institute has just the thing for you. You can take Spanish lessons and go on trips with your fellow students to Arenal, Monteverde and even Nicaragua. If you’d rather just focus on surfing, choose the Deluxe Surfing Camp package, and for seven days you will train in the water and watch instructional videos.


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