The best things to know about San Ramon

San Ramon sunset, Ricardo Palacios/Flickr

The town of San Ramon is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, a place with amazing natural beauty and very exceptionally people. The second largest district in the province, San Ramon lies an hour away northwest of the capital San Jose, and is easily accessible by road from Alajuela city.

Set amidst a dramatic landscape of mountains, San Ramon is a close-knit place with strong community ties and has a slow relaxed pace of life. This warm and beautiful town is growing and evolving into an extremely special place. The location and year-round climate in San Ramon are what we consider to be the best in Costa Rica, and one of the best in the world overall.

Travel Experience

You can reach San Ramon by flying into the Juan Santa Maria International Airport, San Jose, and then drive out directly to the city, or you can first drive to Alajuela and then go on to San Ramon. Either way, you will be treated to some lovely scenic views along the way.

Visiting San Ramon by car, ©marianne muegenburg cothern/Flickr

Also known as ‘the city of presidents and poets,’ many of Costa Rica’s great political and literary figures were born or have lived here, including former presidents Rodrigi Carazo and Jose Figueres Ferrer, as well as famous Costa Rican poets Feliz Angel Salas Cabezas and Lisimaco Chavarria Palma.

Human Occupation

While most of the people living in San Ramon are into farming and agriculture, plenty of them also have jobs in the capital San Jose, and travel daily back and forth to work. Coffee is a major product of the area.

Coffee beans at Costa Rica, ©Photonoumi/Flickr

However, this city also has three cigar factories as well. Saturday morning is the prefect time to experience San Ramon, as there is a farmer’s market held with many people coming here to sell their vegetables, fruit and cattle. If you are in the city around the month of August, do try to stay for San Ramon Day, when the entire town comes alive with parades, music, and dancing.

Recreational offers

A relaxing place, San Ramon offers tourists plenty of luxury and affordable accommodations and hotels, along with some excellent restaurants and bars.

San Ramon sunset, ©Ricardo Palacios/Flickr

With plenty to do for nature lovers, there are a number of hiking trials and canopy tours of the surrounding area. Here, you will find a variety of animals and birds such as monkeys, hummingbirds, deer, coatis and sloths in the nearby tropical forest.

Beautiful Attractions

In the main square of the city, is an impressive church. North of the square, lies the city’s museum, the Museo de San Ramon, which features a re-creation of a traditional campesino home, and focuses on the part that this city played in Costa Rican history and culture.


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