The best tourist attractions in San Jose

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When it comes to Costa Rica is almost seems like the majority of travelers come merely for the considerable natural beauty of the country, end end up merely passing through the country’s major cities that are further away from the beaches, national parks and cloud forests. And for this reason many people only spare a cursory glance to San Jose, although the Costa Rican capital is just as worthy of attention that any other sight in the country. San Jose is a surrounded by lush mountains, but it’s main draw lies in its many cultural and historical attractions, as well as in its vibrant nightlife. San Jose is the heart of Costa Rica, and whoever is interested in genuine Costa Rican culture should visit some of the best tourist attractions in San Jose.

Museo del Jade

Jade was one of the most prized and widespread materials for jewellery and decorative objects in pre-Columbian times, and the Museo del Jade is  great place to discover the intricacies of jade crafting. The museum has the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade objects in the world, but the exhibits also offer an insights into how the objects were made. Other exhibits can also be seen in the museum, like tools and decorations made with bones, ceramics, stone.

Museo Nacional

San Jose, photo by Arturo Sotillo

The National Museum is the most important museum in Costa Rica, and most of its exhibits are about the country’s history. The museum is housed in a former army barracks where battles of the 1948 civil war was fought. The exhibition traces the country’s history from pre-Columbian times to the present. The most fascinating exhibits are the mysterious stone spheres found in archaeological sites all over Costa Rica.

Spyrogyra Butterfly Garden

Costa Rica is famous for its countless species of butterflies, many of which can be seen in the wild, in national parks. But if you want to see some of the most colorful butterflies found in the country all in one place, at the Spyrogyra Butterfly Garden. Although smaller than the Butterfly Farm, the Spyrogyra Garden is a great introduction into the world of butterflies and their life cycles.

Museo de los Ninos

photo by Armando Maynez

If you are traveling to Costa Rica with kids, you shouldn’t miss the Children’s Museum, one of the few attractions in Costa Rica that seems to be designed specifically to entertain children, but it will put a smile on the face of adults too. Exhibits range from earthquake simulations to games that allow you to make music by stepping on floor tiles.This is a very large museum, with a lot of hand-on displays, so it’s quite easy to spend long hours wandering the halls.


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