The best views in Costa Rica

Irazu Volcano, photo by Fred Hsu

Costa Rica is blessed with incredible natural beauty, and there are few other countries on the planet where you can see wonders that compare to the volcanoes, beaches and cloud forests of Costa Rica. Some people  come to Costa Rica to hike, bike and be active in general, but being attracted to the pure natural beauty of Costa Rica is not a bad reason either, quite the opposite. Finding places with beautiful views is easier in Costa Rica than perhaps any other country in Latin America,whether you want to look down from the top of a mountain, a cliff or a tall building. If you are a fan of postcard-perfect vistas, here are some of the best views in Costa Rica.

Arenal Springs Resorts

Some of the most beautiful views in Costa Rica are unfortunately not for free – there are many hotels and resorts that use the natural area in their advantage, and add the view to their list of perks. THe luxurious Arenal Springs Resorts in the Arenal region has some of the most stunning views of the volcano in the entire area. Lounge at the poolside and gaze at the smoke-spouting volcano before you.

Mount Chirripo

photo by Arturo Sotillo on Flickr

If you want to see the best view there is, you have no choice but find a tall perch. Mount Chirripo is the highest peak in Costa Rica, and although the trek to the top will not be effortless, you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the surrounding scenery. The mountain is located within the Chirripo National Park, and when the sky is clear you can see all across the country from the peak.

Cuna del Angel Hotel

Beach hotels and resorts compete for the most pristine beaches with the softest sand, clearest water and lushes palm trees, and in the Dominical area Cuna del Angel managed to find one of the best spots there is. The view from the hotels, encompassing a quiet semicircle of beach with white sand and fringed with vegetation looks like the tropical paradise that every beach lover dreams about.

Irazu Volcano

Mount Chirripo, photo by amandicacom

Irazu is another one of Costa Rica’s tourist magnets, a volcano with several craters, one of which contains the emerald green Diego de la Haya lake. On a clear day, from the top of Irazu, you can see both the Pacific and the Atlantic, and that’s not even mentioning the green depths of the lake. Even on cloudy days you still get one of the best views in Costa Rica.

Mirador Lodge, Bahia Drake

The small bay of Bahia Drake in Osa Peninsula is close to Corcovado National Park, one of the most unspoiled and breath taking natural parks in Costa Rica. The viewpoint above the lodge affords you a view of the ocean gently lapping at the beach. Since the Mirador is located on a hill, the view is particularly nice.

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