The Paradise of the Earth – don’t miss it!

Tropical weather, ©Wha’ppen/Flickr

I have been in many places in the word, but I couldn’t find a more beautiful place than Costa Rica. This country surpassed my wildest hope. It is so because in the country I could find anything I wanted. Costa Rica blessed with plentiful rain forests, beaches as Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This country has the gorges national parks in the world.

Just think about the nine hundred types of uncommon birds, the huge sea turtles, the monkeys, or of tropical fish that can’t be found anywhere else in the US. On these places worth to take your children, they can live out their National Geographic dream. Tremendous opportunity are available: you can play golf in a wonderful entertainment, wonder the God created volcanoes, have scuba diving, sport fishing, hiking, biking, surfing and so on.

The Coast is Rich

The explorers who developed Costa Rica’s beaches and the mountains with tropical rainforest they found riches of gold and charms so they named the country “Rich Coast”. The real riches of this country are the mountains, beaches, and rainforests. Visitors come from everywhere; they want to experience the richness of Costa Rica. Some of them are staying in luxury ecotourism, and relaxing on the beaches. There are others who want adrenaline-pumping, rafting on rivers, surfing. Investors also adore that Costa Rica because this country has affordable prices, and also has the stability of North American or the countries from Europe.

Costa Rica coast, ©Coral B H/Flickr

The Weather is tropical

Costa Rica is placed between 8 and 12 degrees north of the Equator, the type of weather is tropical year around. However, the country has many microclimates is depending on elevation, rain, topography, and by the geography of every particular region.

Tropical weather, ©Wha’ppen/Flickr

The People are kind

Finally let’s mention the people who live in Costa Rica, actually they make the difference of this country. A few things about the population: the people of the country are very polite and friendly. You fell home and appreciated around them. The local residents are seriously committed to protect their environment. Costa Rica invested heavily in services of education and health. The general health care and crime levels are much lower than in United States. This country doesn’t have any military and has no undergone, this is the longest periods of harmony and democratic system in the America. I guarantee, this country in the core of Central America is an amazing travel destination and it is a Paradise of the Earth.

A School in San Jose, ©puroticorico/Flickr


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