Top 3 National Parks that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Costa Rica

Pacific Sunset Costa Rica

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Nowadays Costa Rica is ranked among the most visited tourist friendly countries in the world. Being so popular, we have to admit that the country has something for everyone: rain-forests, beaches, mountains, volcanoes and of course wonderful national parks. Reveal this natural wonderland by having a look at the top 3 national parks that are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Costa Rica, to experience this amazing treasure trove in Central America.

The Area de Conservación Guanacaste

The Area de Conservación Guanacaste contains substantial natural habitats for the conservation which includes dry forest habitats, rare plants and varied animal species. Guanacaste can be found in the North-Western part of Costa Rica, it owns 3 volcanoes framed by flat lands and coastal areas consisting of open ocean marine zones, islands and islets and long turtle nestling beaches. Its wetland ecosystem with its forests are known to be the most pristine in Central America. The Guanacaste’s beaches are served as a protection of sea turtles and other turtles endangered for extinctions. In the surrounding area of Volcan Rincon de la Vieja, 4 types of forests can be found with an abundant fauna. The species of conservation consist of whitelipped peccary, white-tailed deer, collared peccary, Central American tapir, spider, white- face monkey and howler monkey, jaguar and ocelot, collared anteater and ocelot and some bird species such as military macaw,  curassow, crested guan, roseate spoonbill, jabiru, ibis and many others.

La Amistad National Park

La Amistad Biosphere Reserve

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This tropical rain forest covered area is home of the Indian tribes. The park is situated at the mountains of Cordillera de Talamanca, which is known to be the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America. The park among to the rain forest it has cloud forest as well. The park is also famous for having sub alpine param forest, high altitude bogs, glacial lakes and oak stand; these are not found elsewhere in Central America.  Its fauna is very diverse, with pumas, ocelot, tiger cat, spider monkey and many others.

Coco Island National Park

It turned to be the only island with a tropical rain-forest on the Pacific Coast. The island is also ranked among the best diving spots in the world; its marine life is famous for hosting pelagic species such as sharks, tuna, rays and dolphins. Coco Island National Park involves the entire Coco Island with two bays, rivers and streams with amazing waterfalls and of course stunning beaches. As any other island its flora and fauna are varied, with lots of endemic species. Its marine mammals include California sea-lion and bottle-nose dolphin. It’s a must see UNESCO World Heritage Site in Costa Rica.


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