Top 5 canopy tours in Costa Rica

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One of the most incredible natural resources of Costa Rica are its lush tropical forests – they are one of the reasons why the national parks of Costa Rica are such huge tourist attractions, and a source of wonder for scientists and naturalists. The jungles of Costa Rica are wild and tangled, and if you are fresh from the city they are not the kind of place that you’d want to tackle on your own. But there is a safe and at the same time exciting way to explore the forests of Costa Rica, guided by professionals: canopy tours. These exhilarating tours that allow you to soar through the forests, among the trees, are the perfect way to get a good look at what’s happening in these jungles from a bird’s eye view, and to get a healthy adrenaline rush too. Here are the top 5 canopy tours in Costa Rica.

Arenal canopy tours

Arenal Volcano is the most popular tourist attraction in Costa Rica, and it is surrounded by thick and lush jungle. You could trek through the jungle, that’s true, but nothing compares to the feeling or gliding on a zip line just  near the top of the trees. There re numerous tour operators that can take you on an adventure in the jungles of Arenal – Arenal Mundo Aventura is one of the best, with 10 lines, the longest of which is 800 meters.

Sarapiqui tours

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Sarapiqui is a large canton with many opportunities for adventure, and it also has some excellent zip lining opportunities. Sarapiqui Valley has some incredible jungles with great wildlife and some very interesting views. In jungles, 70% of the wildlife lives above the ground, so if you are in Sarapiqui and you are planning on doing some wildlife watching, try Canopy La Linda, Poco Azul or some other excellent canopy tours.

Pacifico Central

Some of the best zip lining canopy tour facilities in Costa Rica are located in Pacifico Central, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Sky Mountain canopy tours offer a wide variety of lines, with four zip lining towers, eight platforms, and kilometers of overhead canopy trails that allow you to see beautiful views of the sea and the forest. Another great tour is Hacienda Baru, with eight zip lines and fifteen platforms.

Caribe tours

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Caribe is the part of Costa Rica where you can find incredible places like Tortuguero National Park and various other reserves and conservation areas. The jungles of Caribe are teeming with wildlife and full of interesting vegetation, that look the most spectacular when viewed from above. Senderos Aéreos Del Tortuguero is a perfect opportunity to see some great spots near Tortuguero, while Brisas de la Jungla is an amazing combination of adrenaline rushes and sights.


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